Melbourne based Blues artist TK Reeve is a showman whose modern craft and passion for the music harks back to the Mississippi Delta of the early twentieth century.

Releasing his debut album I Wanna Feel Good earlier this year he is one of the hardest working musicians in the live music circuit. In performance mode, he kindly gave this interview at his first appearance at the Castlemaine Blues Club in September.

“The first recording I discovered was John Lee Hooker’s Essentials Album that I borrowed from my mum and after I heard it I was hooked on the Blues.  John Lee was probably my biggest influence, the way he played, it was really free, just doing his thing and not trying to impress anyone.”  He explained that his journey into music was a bit accidental with him picking up a guitar at high school and learning fast. “I found music was my way of communicating.”

TK Reeve is a musician who really understands what works and says if he had any advice for budding musicians it would be to make sure you only do things when you are ready. “Don’t try and force things, just let it happen naturally and be honest and it will sound the best.”  He finished by saying that he never really wanted to do anything other than playing music. “It is the unexplainable love of the Blues that keeps me fascinated.”

TK Reeve features at the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival November 7th to 10th 2019.
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