‘New Band Making Waves’

Ramble Town is among the newest and most exciting acts on the Bendigo Music scene and is set to light the fuse at the Bendigo Blues and Roots showcase coming up on March 1st at The Rifle Brigade Hotel.

Co -founder and outstanding multi – instrumentalist Pete Fidler with local singer/songwriter Chris Jacobs were inspired last year to form a rockabilly band with bass player Mike St Clair and legendary local drummer Matty Reade and Ramble Town was born. Pete Fidler, the king of collaborative musicians is often seen with Bluegrass favourites, Bluestone Junction, in a duo with the awesome Liz Frencham or in concert with Dan Duggan and friends.

“I love being a freelancer and it means I get to play with lots of different musicians with a diverse range of styles.”

Starting with a guitar at age 5, Pete was always drawn to playing in bands starting with pop and rock and then drifting into Bluegrass when he discovered the Dobro. “When I picked up the mandolin, I split my time between Guitar and Dobro and although I found it was handy to have a few strings to my bow but I firmly resisted the urge to become a Fidler fiddler.”

Like most quality musicians Pete is always reviewing, reworking what he does and refining his performance. “I’m still learning my lessons! The main thing is that nothing beats working at it. Do something musical every day, after all you’re a musician! Write, practise, perform, record, collaborate, administrate, listen and just don’t stop”. His enthusiasm for live music is infectious and he is always considering the next collaborative project but for the time being Ramble Town is taking Pete Fidler to the Bendigo Blues & Roots Summer Showcase at The Rifle Brigade Hotel on Sunday 1 st March starting at 11.30am and he says he will be
“Loving every minute of it!”.

Date: Sunday 1 March 2020, 11:30am-9pm
Attraction: Live music from over 15 quality acts across 2 stages
Ticket price: Adults $20, Under 18s $5, Under 12s free
Venue: Rifle Brigade Hotel, 173 View Street Bendigo, VIC 3550